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First Aid in Mental Health

🧠 Would you like your workers to be able to identify the first signs of mental health problems, helping to prevent more serious situations?

🔍 Would you wish your employees to know how to act effectively in a crisis episode, guaranteeing a safer and healthier work environment?


💼 Do you see the value in having reference employees trained to support their colleagues in mental health first aid situations, promoting a culture of care, support and well-being?

The Challenge in Mental Health First Aid

The Solution

Anyone can and should have basic knowledge in mental health for appropriate action.



Raise awareness among your employees about their self-care and how to maintain good mental health to improve their general well-being and productivity, and their care for others.


First Aid in Crisis Situations

Train your team step by step on how to assess and assist in mental health crisis situations, from initial listening to referral to professional help, improving response and support in the workplace.


Recovery Promotion

Train your team to encourage seeking professional help and other types of assistance, supporting employees' recovery and return to work without stigma and in appropriate conditions.

Get to know the Program



  • Self-care

  • What is mental health

  • Appropriate Language

  • Mental Health First Responder Action Model:

    • Approach, risk assessment and crisis assistance.

    • Listening and communicating without judgment.

    • Offer support and information.

    • Stimulation of seeking appropriate professional help.

    • Encouraging the search for other types of assistance.


Differentiation and Approach

  • Stress.

  • Burnout.

  • Anxiety disorders.

  • Panic attacks.

  • Traumatic events.

  • Eating disorders.

  • Self harm.

  • Substance abuse.

  • Depression and mood disorders.

  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

  • Acute psychosis (for example, hallucinations or delusions).

  • Duel.



  • Recovery.

  • Limits of action.

Just as CPR is useful in supporting someone experiencing cardiac arrest, even without medical training, Mental Health First Aid is essential in supporting someone experiencing a mental health crisis.


In this training, you gain knowledge about the risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems. You also learn strategies to help someone in or out of crisis, as well as where to seek specialized help.


Mental Health First Aid teaches about recovery and resilience – the belief that individuals who experience these problems can and do get better, and can use their strengths to stay well. Without stigma.

Inspired by:

Life Transition® Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Through specialized support, we will design solutions adapted to the needs of your organization. While traditional training in Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) provides the basis, the FIRST AID IN MENTAL HEALTH approach adds a unique value to the process: we enhance prevention and safety by promoting a culture of support and well-being among your collaborators.


This personalized approach protects your team and also optimizes efficiency and goal achievement. We are here to be your allies on this path towards excellence in workplace safety and sustainable well-being.

Reservar Llamada Exploratoria

When is it advisable to start training in Mental Health First Aid?

It is ideal to start this training when you want to foster a supportive work environment and support the mental health of employees. It is also useful in periods of organizational change, expansion or increased work stress.

How is the impact of Mental Health First Aid training in my company measured?

The impact is evaluated through indicators such as reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and increased employees' search for professional support, as well as a renewed sense of belonging and other indicators that we will create together.

How is the training adapted to the needs of my team and organisation?

Our training is personalized, inspired by recognized programs such as those of MHFA. We work closely with you to identify your team's specific needs and design a program that aligns with your unique goals and challenges.

How is this training different from other mental health programs?

Unlike traditional programs, our training not only provides knowledge, but also empowers employees to recognize early signs of mental health problems and act effectively in crisis situations. It has the potential to become a truly transformative movement within the company. Trained employees who choose to participate will become points of reference within the company, being identified and recognized for their role in supporting and promoting mental health in the work environment.

Can hours be credited for Fundae (Spain)?

All activities that are designed as training can be subsidized, according to Fundae's legal requirements.

How can I implement this training and this movement in my organization?

Getting started is simple. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals. Together we will design a plan adapted to your organization. From there, we will coordinate sessions and strategies to ensure successful implementation and a positive transformation in safety culture and a healthier work environment.

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