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Welcome Your Transformation!

If you have arrived here, it's because something within you feels the desire to transform the way you live. Life Transition® offers you the tools and the knowledge you need to create connection with purpose and wellness, whether it is in your personal life or in your business.

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Coaching & Training

Life Transition®'s mission is to accompany you and/or your organisation in a powerful transformation, under personalised programmes. Together, we will push the limits to find new and better ways to achieve your goals.

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For Corporate/Government/NGOs

The complete solution to increase efficiency and well-being in your organisation

Executive Coaching, Group Coaching for Individuals, Team Coaching, Team Building and our trainings in Power Skills: Change, Values, Communication, Meditation and Self-Care.

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For Individuals

Together we will create a personalised plan for you

You will have at your disposal a unique and proven method to give rise to your best self. Life Transition® Coaching TdV, the Flow Game™, Aura Reading, Rose Meditation and more. You choose, I accompany you.

Do you feel the calling to start a real path of transformation?
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Upcoming Events

Sign up for the talks, workshops, training and trips created especially so that you can take care of yourself, reconnect with yourself and expand your consciousness. The result is balance in your day to day and choices more aligned with your essence.

  • #IAmRemarkable @ Aticco Workspaces
    #IAmRemarkable @ Aticco Workspaces
    Thu, 30 May
    Aticco Bailén (Barcelona)
    30 May 2024, 09:30 – 11:00
    Aticco Bailén (Barcelona), C/ de Bailèn, 105, L'Eixample, 08009 Barcelona, España
    EVENTO ABIERTO Vamos a romper con las barreras y aprender a compartir nuestras victorias sin sentirnos incómodxs ni arrogantes. Desterra la idea de que la autopromoción es "vanidosa" o "arrogante" y di adiós al síndrome del impostorx.
  • Flow Game Session: "How Can We Reimagine the Future of Work"
    Flow Game Session: "How Can We Reimagine the Future of Work"
    Wed, 03 Jul
    03 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 22:00 CEST
    Bring your personal challenge to the game, related to your future, your work, your life!

Hello! I am Vanessa,

Life Transition® Founder Coach!

It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome you on my website, where you will have access to everything Life Transition® has to offer.  Here you will find 17 years of experience in the art of accompanying and training people, converted into a unique and transformative method that has the power to rescue the essence of individuals, teams and organisations. And, from this essence, promote the necessary changes to achieve a life with more meaning.


ICF Member and ACC Coach

International Coaching Federation
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"Each one brings to this life a fundamental part of what we need to transform as Humanity, that is why the courage to follow the call when change invites us is so necessary."

Vanessa A. Ruiz

I just read everything I wrote that day and many things seemed difficult to do, especially those that were very subjective. When I finished reading today, I smiled. Almost everything has come true.

Marcela, workshop participant

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