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Trabajadores con chalecos de seguridad

Coaching in OHS (Occupational Health & Safety)
Health, Safety & Wellbeing

🛡️ Are you committed to safety and wellbeing in your organization?

🔒 Do you want to strengthen the preventive culture and guarantee a safe environment, while each employee becomes a safety leader?

💼 Do you long to promote health and balance among your collaborators?

We welcome you to the world ofCoaching in Safety, Health and Wellbeing, the next step in Occupational Health & Safety in which each employee goes from individualism to be a role model, from passivity to active participation, from performing punctual actions to continuous improvement, from a simple collaborator to a health and safety leader.


The Challenge in Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The solution

Coaching in Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Mindset Change

Change of mentality at different hierarchical levels, generating awareness and commitment to the company's preventive policy.



Integration of preventive activity globally in the organisation's decisions with the adoption of proactive indicators.


Active Participation

Active participation of collaborators in the identification of risks and application of preventive measures.

Listen to the interview about Safety, Health and Wellbeing Coaching on the podcast of the consulting firm Focus Inside (in Spanish)
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The 3 Cs of Coaching in Health, Safety and Wellbeing



  • Values

  • Change of Beliefs

  • Transformation



  • Strengths

  • Empathic Communication

  • Measurable Results



  • Motivation

  • Action

  • Responsibility

Life Transition® Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Through specialized support, we will design solutions adapted to the needs of your organisation. While traditional training in Occupational Health & Safety provides the basis, our Coaching approach adds unique value to the process: We not only strengthen prevention and safety, but we also cultivate a proactive mentality among your collaborators.


This personalized approach protects your team and also optimizes efficiency and goal achievement. We are here to be your allies on this path towards excellence in workplace safety and sustainable wellbeing.

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When is it advisable to implement Safety, Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

The ideal time to implement Health, Safety and Wellbeing Coaching is when you seek to strengthen the culture of occupational risk prevention and promote a safe and healthy work environment. It can be beneficial during periods of organizational change, expansion, or when you want to enhance safety leadership among your employees.

How is the impact of Coaching in my organisation evaluated?

We measure the impact through key performance indicators defined together with the organization, such as the reduction of work incidents, the increase in active participation in safe practices and the wellbeing of collaborators, etc.

How is Coaching adapted to the specific needs of my team and organisation?

Our coaching approach is highly personalized. We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your team and organisation. We design tailored solutions that align with your objectives and challenges, ensuring that the process is effective for your context.

How does coaching differ from traditional training in Occupational Health?

Unlike conventional training, our coaching goes beyond instruction. We not only provide knowledge, but we also guide your employees to become leaders in health and safety. Our approach is based on active participation, continuous improvement and personalized development.

Can hours be credited for Fundae?

All activities that are designed as training can be subsidized, according to Fundae's (Spain) legal requirements.

How can I implement Safety, Health and Wellbeing Coaching in my organisation?

Getting started is simple. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals. Together we will design a plan adapted to your organization. From there, we will coordinate sessions and strategies to ensure successful implementation and positive transformation in the workplace safety and well-being culture.

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