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For Corporate, Government and NGOs
​Coaching & Soft Skills Training

🧠 Are you ready to enhance your skills and take your professional development to the next level?

🤝 Do you want to encourage effective communication, empathy and collaboration in your team?

💪 Do you long to become a leader who inspires and guides others by improving your social and emotional skills?

With Life Transition®, you will embark on a journey towards far-reaching personal and professional growth, where soft skills become your main engine towards success. Leave monotony aside and step into the opportunity to turn yourself and your team into leaders in communication, change management, self-care, teamwork and much more.

Does your organisation face these challenges?

The Solution

In a world where efficiency and wellbeing need to be intertwined, we offer the ultimate solution. The Life Transition® programs are unmatched in their holistic approach, which combines performance orientation with self-knowledge and the integral wellbeing of the participants.


And that's not all. We are proud to present measurable, tangible results that demonstrate its positive impact on performance.


Unique Combination of Tools

In our field, we offer a unique combination of tools. You will discover our own approach, together with recognised practices such as NLP, Wingwave® Coaching, Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter, Non-Violent Communication, Flow Game, Meditation and many more.


Investment Efficiency

Life Transition® programs are designed to offer you the best quality-price ratio on the market. If you are interested in providing development opportunities to a larger number of employees, we recommend you consult our Group Coaching.



You can trust that each of our programs will be adapted to the specific needs of your company. We specialize in customizing them to meet the demands and objectives of your organization.


Performance + Wellbeing

Our mission is to enhance efficiency by providing tools and spaces that allow executives and collaborators to develop their learning and innovation capabilities and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


Technology at Service

We provide digital tools that facilitate coaching and training processes, both in online and offline environments. We also adapt to the tools that your company already uses to provide a comprehensive and personalized solution.


Measurable and Tangible Results

Our Life Transition® programs focus on concrete results. We use metrics and assessments previously agreed upon at the start of programs to demonstrate the positive impact on participant performance, allowing organizations to quantify return on investment.

Get to Know Our Services

Learning & Development Plan Design, Coaching & Soft Skills Training

Learning & Development Plan Design

Transform strategic objectives into tangible results, strengthen the bond with collaborators, and enhance growth with our personalised training plans.

  • Needs Analysis

  • Establishment of Objectives linked to strategic KPIs/OKRs of the organisation

  • Content Development

  • Methodology Selection

  • Creation or Selection of Learning Materials

  • Logistics and Implementation

  • Continuous Evaluation at Three Levels

  • Feedback and Adjustments

  • Documentation and Post-Training Follow-up



Enhancing Professional Excellence through Consciousness and Commitment

Learn about our programs, whose execution we will custom design for you:

Soft Skills Trainings


Building Key Competencies: Development of Interpersonal and Emotional Skills for High Performance and Well-being

Learn about our programs, whose execution we will custom design for you:

Who is your Life Transition® Coach and Trainer?

Reservar Llamada Exploratoria

What exactly is Coaching and how can it contribute to my organization?

Coaching is a personalized development process that helps people achieve their personal and professional goals. A coach works with the client to identify their strengths and areas of development, and creates a personalized action plan to help them achieve their goals.

What is the investment in Coaching and Training programs?

The cost varies depending on the program and the duration of the process. It is a profitable investment that can help leaders, teams and employees achieve their goals. At Life Transition®, the hour of coaching and training varies between €200 and €500, in accordance with the market.

What is the difference between Team Coaching and Group Coaching?

The difference between Team Coaching and Group Coaching is that the first focuses on the development of a team as a system, while the second focuses on the development of individuals, as a group, in which an environment of confidence that one learns from the other. The team coach can accompany the team to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively and work together to achieve their objectives.

The group coach can accompany individuals to set goals, overcome challenges and achieve their individual objectives.

Can hours be credited for Fundae (Spain)?

All activities that are designed as training can be subsidized, according to Fundae's legal requirements.

How is Coaching different from Soft Skills Training?

Coaching is a personalized process that focuses on accompanying the person or team to develop and achieve their goals. Soft Skills Training, on the other hand, are workshops that focus on teaching participants a series of specific skills – they are usually more general than coaching, and can address a wide range of topics.

How can I implement Coaching programs and Soft Skills Training in my organization?

Getting started is simple. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals. Together we will design a plan adapted to your organization. From there, we will coordinate sessions and strategies to ensure successful implementation.

Download ourServices Deck complete in PDF

Deck of Executive Coaching Services and Soft Skills Training
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