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Flow Game™
Your Personal Development and Team Coaching Game

Discover the Flow Game™, a game for your personal development or for team development, which opens space for a meaningful conversation. Bring your question and access the wisdom that emerges from you and the other participants in the session.

What is the Flow Game?

Flow Game is a game that can be played individually or in a group, between acquaintances or strangers. Ideal for group dynamics in work teams, couples or families. 

Get to Know the 3 Types of Flow Game™

The Flow Game™ is a unique and participatory methodology that combines play and conversation to facilitate the resolution of challenges and the exploration of complex topics. Through carefully designed questions, the Flow Game™ provides a safe and creative space for participants to explore their thoughts, share perspectives, and come up with new ideas and solutions.


This approach allows teams and individuals to confront challenging issues in a way open and collaborative, promoting mutual understanding and informed decision making.


Each type of Flow Game™ adapts to different contexts and objectives, providing a versatile tool to drive clarity, innovation and cohesion in diverse environments.


Oriented towards work teams, it promotes collaboration and the resolution of specific challenges.

  • Communication Improvement:Improve interaction and fluidity in internal communication.

  • Idea Generation:Develop creative approaches to projects and solutions.

  • Conflict resolution:Address internal disputes constructively and reach solutions.

  • Exploring Hidden Themes: Identify and address underlying issues, promoting understanding and resolution.

  • Roles and responsibilities:Clarify roles and responsibilities within the team.

  • Strategic planning: Design long-term strategies and define specific objectives.


Aimed at people looking to explore aspects of any area of their lives.

  • Making Important Decisions: Evaluate options and expand your perspective before making significant decisions.

  • Broadening Perspectives: Adopt new ways of seeing the world, allowing for a richer and more diverse vision.

  • Belief Exploration:Question and explore deep-rooted beliefs, opening space to grow and evolve.

  • Expansion of Creativity:Stimulate creativity and innovation in various aspects of life.

  • Strengthening Intuition: Enhance intuition as an internal guide in making decisions and choices.


Aimed at strengthening and enriching personal relationships, whether in the family or as a couple.

  • Empathic Communication:Develop effective communication and active listening skills.

  • Strengthened Links:Strengthen emotional connection and mutual understanding.

  • Constructive Conflict Resolution: Address disagreements constructively and reach joint solutions.

  • Shared Goals and Plans: Establish common objectives and projects for shared growth.

  • Exploring New Dynamics: Try new ways to interact and create shared experiences.

  • Cultivating a Supportive Environment: Foster an environment where everyone can thrive and express themselves freely.

Sesión de Flow Game

How does the Flow Game™ work?


I will invite you to reflect on the question you want to bring to the game - whether it is your individual question or a common question for the entire team/family/couple. you will share it with mebefore of the session and I will help you refine it. The work starts here!


We begin the session by reviewing the question(s) and sharing the context of how they have been generated.


A Flow Game session opens doors to grow in consciousness, promote changes, and develop. If you feel that you would like to continue with the process, you will have Coaching sessions at your disposal with a special value to continue your path of growth.


The directions of the Flow Game represent different aspects of leadership, community, vision, action, heaven and earth.


NORTH Direction: Leadership

The courage to walk new paths, to open new paths. And also to return to the pack and share what you've found.

NORTH is in creative tension with SOUTH. Breaking new ground without connecting with your community and sharing your discoveries leaves you in a lonely place.


EAST Direction: Vision

The creative and visionary parts of leadership. See the broader context. The creativity.

EAST is in creative tension with WEST. If there is only vision without action, then nothing tangible happens.


SOUTH Direction: Community

Common unit. Ability to empathize, connect, inspire, involve, align and tune in with others. Warmth, closeness. connection with the earth.

SOUTH is in creative tension with NORTH. If we only trust
in the community but no individual shows leadership, then we get stuck and miss an opportunity for novelty and innovation.


WEST Direction: Action/Will

Getting things done and the ability to translate vision into meaningful action.

WEST is in creative tension with EAST. Action without vision or purpose leads nowhere. Neither does vision, without manifestation. The vision needs to 'grow corn for


HEAVEN Direction

Our "higher" or spiritual aspirations, what is bigger or more than us.


EARTH Direction

Our soil, the "grounded" aspects of life. 

These creative tensions are inherent to life. In good leadership, the wheel is in balance.

*Content removed from "Flow Game Host Manual English Version August 2019"

Who is your Flow Game™ coach facilitator?

Agenda tu Sesión de Flow Game™

To schedule a Flow Game™ session for a team, at your company or institution, please contact us byThis formulary.

Reservar Flow Game

Would you like to know more or schedule a session? Send your message:

What type of Flow Game interests you?

Thank you for your inquiry!

Saber Más Flow Game

How Did the Flow Game™ Change My Life?
A letter from me to you

It was a summer morning (or afternoon, I don't remember exactly) when we gathered around the boards. We were many and there were at least six groups formed.


It was clear to me that I wanted to be in the session that would be led by Toke Möller, one of the creators of the Flow Game™ in the 1990s and part of the group that, a couple of decades earlier, had organized the knowledge that we practice today through the_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter– a set of tools and methods to facilitate conversations that matter and harvest the wisdom that emerges from these occasions. 

That's how it went. We started playing, and at the time, I was worried about my finances. I didn't quite know how to generate the abundance that I felt I needed, living in an eco-village in the Northeast of Brazil, in a very different context from the megalopolis of São Paulo, where I was born and had lived until then. We took turns and we were drawing the cards, and receiving the contributions of the others. 

Until Toke saw something in me that neither I nor anyone at that table had seen. Inspired by my question, by the cards of the game and by a greater wisdom that asked to pass through him, he said to me: "What are you still doing here? You are from the world. If you want, I welcome you as an apprentice ofArt of Hosting". 

This left me in shock. Because living in Barcelona again had always been an idea that I had in the recesses of my mind and heart, because I was falling in love with theArt of Hosting, from which the Flow Game™ derives, and that Toke invited me to be an apprentice was an unexpected and very honorable recognition.   

However, something in me made me feel unprepared for these changes and I tried to park the information that I had accessed in the game, put it in a drawer and keep it there in silence. It would flourish, yes, but I didn't know it at the time.

Two years later, a crisis led me to leave the eco-village, finally come to Barcelona and do the training to become, with great enthusiasm, anhost(host, facilitator) of Flow Game™! And to live experiences of connection with myself that I have wanted for a long time, in all vital dimensions. 

It is from this internal place, of deep respect and gratitude for the existence of this tool, that I place myself at your service as the host of the Flow Game™ for you. So that your experience is exactly what you need at this moment, no more, no less. 

With love,

Vanessa A Ruiz

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