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!! Congratulations!!

In addition to a ToV™ Coaching session, you have won a group session offlow gameabout the topicBUSINESS

The Flow Game is a powerful tool that creates an interactive space for reflection, dialogue and action. 

I invite you to bring to the gamea question that is very important to youand that you want to explore. Each of the participants will do the same and,

Through the flow of the game – with its provocative questions and images – added to the collective wisdom, you will come away from this session with more clarity and exciting insights into your business!

  • Group Session: 6 people

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • In person at Juno House (Midi)

I invite you now to vote on the day/time options that work for you. When we have the votes of all the winners, I will notify you through the e-mail that you left when voting.

Thank you and see you soon!

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My Relationship with Money

It has been a pleasure to share with you the round table this Thursday at Juno House about our relationship with money.

So that you can deepen on your process, I would now invite you to a personal reflection: download the PDF below, fill your Money Wheel and answer the Questionnaire.


I would also like to offer you a free 30' session in case you would like to comment on your answers :) It will be a pleasure to accompany you on this journey.

With love,

Vanessa Alves Ruiz

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