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What is
Life Transition®?

Life Transition® is a safe space, a method that offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your essence and discover the necessary courage to move towards a life with meaning and fulfilment. Our work has a profound impact on the personal, collective and planetary levels, generating significant transformations, both in the personal and professional spheres.

Within Life Transition®, you have the opportunity to live unique experiences that transcend the limits of conventional coaching. Here you will find an extraordinary fusion of techniques and tools designed to establish deep connections with different intelligences and profiles.

Our mission is to reconnect you with your essence, awaken the necessary courage to embark on a path towards a life full of meaning and fulfilment. Whether in your private or business environment, our custom solutions are backed by a unique blend of proven methods.

At Life Transition®, we value and embrace the diversity. We adapt to your needs and explore different paths to nurture your integral growth. Our innovative approach gives you the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and skills, allowing you to discover your strengths, challenge your limits and reach your full potential.

Our work is not limited to accompanying you in a transformation on an individual level; we also believe in the power to make an impact on a collective and planetary level. By embarking on an experience with TdV®, you will not only be transforming your own life or your company, but also contributing to a positive change in society and in the world around us.

At Life Transition®, we will be your unconditional allies on this journey of transformation. We are committed to providing you with close and personalised support every step of the way, helping you find purpose and create a meaningful and rewarding life.

Join Life Transition® and discover a transformative experience that is one of a kind!

Our Values

These VALUES and their SUPPORTING ACTIONS are the backbone of our work and represent the pillars on which we build our relationships and services. Each one of them embodies an essential part of our philosophy and reinforces our commitment to provide you with a transformative and enriching experience. 

Can you identify with which of these values in particular?

Is there a lift action you would add?



  • Be impeccable with the word.

  • Do not take things personally.

  • Ask questions.

  • Choose honesty.

  • Set healthy boundaries.



  • Cultivate gratitude.

  • Find the magic in every moment.

  • Be and seek inspiration.

  • Enjoy every step.

  • Celebrate each step.

  • Contribute for others to shine with generosity.



  • Take responsibility for what happens to me.

  • Align thought, word and action to my values.

  • See challenges as my friends.

  • Keep calm when they come.


Availability, Disposition and Dedication

  • Be present.

  • Cultivate an open mind.

  • Maintain a positive and proactive attitude

  • Fulfill commitments.

  • Learn from every choice I make.



  • Embrace reality as it is.

  • Flow with the changes

  • Open up to the new.

  • Live with pleasure.

  • Experiment.



  • 1 minute of silence before and after each session.

  • Daily practice.

  • Listen actively, without judgement.

  • Be open to receive feedback.

  • Cultivate personal reflection.

Find Out How I Can Help You

Download Our Service Portfolios

Service Deck


An introduction to the Life Transition® world for organizations. This deck is your initial guide to understand how we can help you and your team achieve efficiency and well-being.

Our Services


Get to know our Personal Coaching program Life Transition®; the Flow Game for individuals and families; the Aura Reading sessions and the Rose Meditation courses.

Once upon a time...


It all started one spring afternoon, while I was listening to a fellow ecovillager talk about the world of work, at one of the many retreats we offered. It was then that the idea of collaborating with people in their transitions came up. I made some notes and let the seed be planted in my mind and heart.

At that time, I was in the habit of participating in daily meditation rituals through the chanting of mantras and prayers, dedicating just over an hour a day to this practice. I lived for four years (from 2016 to 2020) in a spiritual ecovillage in the Northeast of Brazil, which was also an intentional community and a retreat center. One afternoon, as I sat down to pray and meditate, the ideas began to flow. It was as if I received a "download" of inspiration. In less than an hour, I had the entire structure of the Life Transition® Method and the retreat embodied in the paper.

A short time later, I knew that the time had come to present Life Transition® to the person in charge of the community and the retreat center where I lived. We had embarked on a small boat along with other members of the community on an excursion to see the whales that visit the Northeast of Brazil every year.


During the journey, the first thing I saw was a sea turtle emerging from the water. Its presence was captivating and calm, reminding me of the importance of persevering with confidence. It followed the ship with his eyes full of curiosity, showing me the power of exploration on my own journey

We continued the trip and witnessed the amazing spectacle of a group of whales swimming together and playing in harmony. The whales taught me the importance of collaboration and fun in the transformation process.

Filled with gratitude and determination, I reached out to the community leader and shared my vision for Life Transition® with her: a three-day retreat designed to support people in their life changes through a clear structure.

With the support of the community, I was able to offer the first retreats. Everyone rallied around this initiative, sharing their skills and resources to ensure success!

And as the project grew, I realised time had come to expand beyond the ecovillage and bring Life Transition® to other parts of the world.

With courage in my heart and the connection with the nature as a guide, I ventured beyond known limits. As Life Transition® spreads across Europe and the world, I have the opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, sharing the power of personal transformation and mutual support.


Each step on this journey reminds me of the importance of trusting the intuition and persevere in my vision. Although I have faced challenges and moments of uncertainty, I always carry with me the strength and the beauty that resides in each one of us.

Today, I can look back and see how Life Transition® has touched and continues to touch the lives of many people, accompanying them in their own processes of change and growth.


As the mission continues its course, it fills me with joy to know that each step we take together brings us a little closer to a world full of possibilities and authenticity.


The Life Transition® journey has only just begun, and I am excited for the adventures and encounters that the future has in store. Let's keep swimming together towards a future full of growth, transformation and connection!

With love and much enthusiasm,

Vanessa Alves Ruiz

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